Tasty Home Fries

Mostly served as a side dish or starter for breakfast or even dinner, tasty Home Fries have occupied a prominent as well as a permanent place in our daily food habit. One of the quickest and easiest ways to make a dish, potato-made Home Fries Recipe is savored all over the world. 

Nothing like it when they are served hot! Home Fries are also healthy. It is becoming a common dish on festive occasions when a large gathering is there in the home. What is more, it is liked by persons of all ages including the children.  

Home Fries would taste great if served hot with ketchup or Tabasco. Some people may like to add molten cheese. Whatever the cases may be, Home Fries taste great. 

How to make Home fries? 

This is a home recipe potato cooked usually in oil or butter. The cooking should continue till they are crisp on the outside. It can be prepared both by peeling off or without peeling the potatoes. The potatoes should be cut into small pieces or in cubes. By following this step-by-step guideline, you can easily come to know about how to make french fries at home.

The following method can be used to prepare Home Fries:

  1. Cutting Raw Potatoes: Peel off potatoes or just scrub them if you do not want to peel. After this, cut raw potatoes into small pieces. It should preferably be in the size of ¾” cubes. Wash and rinse the cubes in water well. 
  1. Boiling of Potatoes: Don’t just boil potatoes fully but put them in boiling water for a few minutes to make them a little soft. Low-temperature boiling can be used. An ideal boiling period is 4-6 minutes or a little more.  
  2. Drain Potatoes: After boiling is over, drain the water from potatoes. They should be dried of all water.  
  3. Heating Oil, Margarine, Olive Oil, or Butter: Heat the oil well. The small pieces, then should be put on hot oil or butter slowly. Add salt and ground pepper according to taste. Fry them until they turn a little bit crispy and golden brown from outside. Medium heat should be used for frying. 
  4. Frying Time: Usually, it is fried until the potato pieces look golden brownish. Use a minimum frying time of 15 minutes and a maximum of 20 minutes. Keep on stirring the pieces while getting fried. 

Best Basic Home Fries Recipe

The best Basic Home Fries Recipe should be salty and crunchy. If Russet potatoes are used, they would further taste better. You can also use onions while you want to know more about how to cook home fries.  

The following are the Best Basic Home Fries Recipe: 

  1. Garlic Home Fries 
  2. French Fries
  3. Jade’s Home Fries
  4. Crispy Skillet Home Fries 
  5. Potatoes Anna 
  6. Salt and Pepper Skillet Fries
  7. Vegan Potato Fries
  8. Blue Cheese Fried Potatoes 
  9. Italian Pan Fried Potato

Why are they called home fries?

Also called Cottage Fries or House Fries, the term Home Fries are generally used by people sliced potatoes. It is sometimes, also termed as American Fries or the French Fries. Prepared of basic potatoes with no addition of other items, they are fried in pan or skillet.  

Prepared in a very simple way without adding many condiments, other vegetables, or ingredients, it is being done in human homes in almost all parts of the world offering virtually the same taste. This is being prepared for centuries together. Perhaps, that is how it assumed this name.  

Are home fries healthy?

From the health aspects, it has both good and bad aspects. It depends on the quantum and periodicity of its consumption. It should preferably be occasional. 

Daily use certainly is not recommended as it may result in weight gain, obesity, and related health hazards like cardiovascular problems. Twice or thrice in a week may be good for health, at the same time as it can provide energy and heat in the body. 

Overall, it is not a very healthy snack or side dish especially for those who lead a sedentary life. For those people who exert their bodies, it is not all that bad a food as they burn calories regularly.  

What to soak potatoes in before frying?

Potatoes are starch-rich. It is always better to soak the water out of it. It helps to remove starch and acrylamide which is a naturally occurring chemical mostly found in food items.   

Just before frying, you must rinse and soak potato cubes or chunks. This helps to dry them well. If sliced potatoes are soaked before frying, it also tastes good and turns crunchy. 

One should use paper napkins or paper towels to soak the potatoes. It can be done after removing them from water. Simply putting potatoes containing drops of water into the hot oil or butter is certainly not good. By keeping them in paper towels, you can dry them completely. The paper towel soaks all water. 

If potato pieces are put in hot oil containing water, a steam outing may happen that will certainly spoil the taste.  

Fried Potatoes and Onions

This is a tasty and popular dish all across the world. You can prepare it at home adopting the following very simple methods:

  • Pierce potatoes in and slice onions thinly. 
  • After washing them in freshwater, put salt on pieced items. 
  • Soak water from sliced pieces
  • Use a 10-inch heavy skillet or pan 
  • Put oil in skillet or pan and heat it well
  • Slowly put sliced and salted potatoes and onions. 
  • Let the sliced or pieced potatoes and onions remain in the pan or skillet for about 15-20 minutes. 
  • When they turn golden brown, stop frying them. 

Your dish is ready. 

The Conclusion 

Potato is a wonderful vegetable available in almost all parts of the world. It is perhaps the only vegetable with which you can prepare a large variety of tasty dishes. That is why this tuber vegetable has come to be known as the wonder food.