7-Day Stretch Challenge

Stretching daily for a 7-day Stretch Challenge is one of the best ways to keep your body and mind in good functional condition. This is also good for the heart and the overall anatomical structure of a human being.

You should know that such a practice of daily stretching the body goes a long way in curing joint pain, and muscular pain improves heart function, improves blood circulation, and reduces stress.

No wonder, a large number of people worldwide have made it a routine to stretch their body daily for all the 7-days and benefitted from it. This is also considered one of the best natural exercises in which all the body parts and organs are activated to function better.

Why Is Stretching So Important?

Stretching is very important to rejuvenate the human body and keep the mind fresh. The circulation of blood gets speeds up through daily stretching which in turn brings in lots of benefits to a human being, including energizing the muscles.

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Due To The Following Reasons, The Stretching Is Important:

  • It brings good poise to your body.
  • Stretching is a great pain reliever for the human body.
  • It improves blood circulation.
  • This is the best way to create a good heart.
  • It improves brain cells.
  • It is very helpful for human bones.
  • This natural body movement is considered ideal for wellness.
  • It reduces blood pressure.
  • It improves the flexibility of the human body.
  • 7-day stretch challenge

Ideally, one should practice stretching for 7-days. You should know that the human being had been doing stretching for all the 7-days of a week for centuries together. Yoga also is a part of this 7-day stretching of the body.

The 7 days Stretch challenge can be described in the following manner:

Stretch your body initially with someone else’s help if you find it difficult. You may not need help after a few days. Such stretching will energize you for the rest of the day if stretching is done early in the morning.

There are stretching trainers or Yoga experts. They can initially help you if you find it a bit challenging. With little training, you can get mastery over stretching your body. 

In the beginning, it may not be easy for you to zero down on particular muscles or areas of the body. But a daily practice can solve this problem.

One of the challenges that you may face is positioning your body in a prescribed way. A few days of regular practice, preferably early in the morning, can ease this challenge. 

DAY 1: Downward Facing Dog

In this stretching form, you have to keep your arms and legs straight for about 10 seconds. The pose should be like that of a dog facing downward.

DAY 2: Seated Butterfly

You must have seen how a butterfly sits. You have to do this in this body stretching. In fact, this is a part of Yoga. You can start this in the following way: 

Push your knees down with the help of your arms. After this, flatten your back and move toward your toes at a slow pace. Keep your body in this position just for 25 seconds.

In this Yoga pose, you have to position yourself by sitting with your feet turned out and knees bent. This process involves about 45 seconds.

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DAY 3: 90-90 Stretch

This particular type of stretch is ideal as it helps your internal and external rotators of the hips. You should adopt the following way to do this:

  1.   Bend your right knee bent at 90 degrees in front of you while keeping your right foot flexed and your left leg rests flat on the floor.
  2.   Bend your body by placing your left knee to the left of the body and bending the knee in such a way that the foot faces behind you.

DAY 4: Lunges

This is also a pose of Yoga. You can perform this in this way:

Your knee should be kept down. After this, twist your arm up to the sky and follow your hand with your head and eyes.

Lift your knee and then interlace your arms under your legs and reach your chest to the sky.

DAY 5: Piriformis Stretch

This can be practiced first and then done regularly in the following way:

You should sit on the floor with both legs extended in front of you.

  1.   After this, cross your right leg over your left. Practice this for 60 seconds on one side and then repeat it.

DAY 6: Puppy Pose

This can be practiced in the following way:

  1.   You have to walk slowly on your arms for a little space and then curl your toes under.
  2.   Having done this, push your hips up and back halfway toward your heels.

iii. For this, you have to push through the palms of your hands to keep your arms straight and engaged.

DAY 7: Cat-Cow

This type of body stretch involves the following:

Stretch your arms and legs straight. Then repeat it on each side. Move your eyes towards the belly. You should, at the same time, inhale and exhale. Doing it 3-5 times will suffice.

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The 7-day stretch challenge is being practiced regularly by a large number of people throughout the world as they are benefitting from it. Though it should best be practiced and done early in the morning, there is no such binding the timings.

You can do it at any time: morning, afternoon or evening. Some people do stretching late in the evening also after returning home from their workplace. In fact, people working in the office or running a business have to sit for a long yours in a chair.

This can create cramps in the muscles. The muscles are overused. This can cause cramps of muscle, dehydration, and muscle strain. The best way to cure it naturally is to stretch your body in different prescribed poses.

Such natural exercises will relax your muscles thus relieving your body of the pain related to it. Do let us know if you want to know more about such exercises or workout techniques or poses. We will happy to respond to you with more information about your exercise-related queries.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is Stretching Effective For Weight Loss?

Answer: Yes, regular stretching for 7-days can reduce your body weight naturally. You don’t have to use any medication to reduce your weight. In fact, body stretching which is an integral part of Yoga is being used by thousands of people all over the world to reduce body weight.

2. How Many Days a Week Should You Stretch?

You can stretch your body for all the 7-days a week. It should be a lifelong continuous process if one wants to keep fit, trim, and fine. Body stretching can also boost the immune system and is found to be an effective way to avoid diseases. Besides, longevity can also be extended with the help of regular body stretching.

3. How Long Does It Take To See Results From Stretching?

The positive results of body stretching can be felt by a person after 15-days. In the first 7-day stretch challenge, the body will get accustomed to this form of exercise. Then the whole system of the body including the nervous system will get tuned to this exercise. Subsequently, you will feel fresh energy and agility after a gap of about 15 days when your body system is fully accustomed to the stretching.