sandbag workout

The sandbag workout is a good way to complement your training. Without using discs, bars or dumbbells we can work our entire body and also use a good weight to give the exercise the necessary intensity.

Choose the right weight sandbag for each exercise. It must be high so that we notice that we are working the muscles indicated in each exercise, but without going overboard so as not to neglect the technique at any time.

In addition, you can do the following exercises individually, put it into any gym routine or do a Tábata-type workout combining several and performing them explosively with practically no rest.

Sandbag Snatch

Snatch with sandbag

Very complete exercise with which we work the legs, back, shoulders and arms as well as the core in a single movement. Simply, placed in front of the sandbag on the ground, do an explosive pull raising it, tucking your arms under it and then doing the shoulder press.

Sandbag Squats Clean

Clean and sandbag squats

This combination of the Olympic clean exercise and the squat allows you to work a large part of your body with a single combined movement. Also, I love to tuck in a Tábata, for example.

Sandbag Rowing

Rowing with sandbag

This classic back exercise that we often do with a barbell or dumbbell can be done perfectly with a sandbag. In addition, since there are several weights, we can find the necessary intensity for each level.

Sandbag Explosive Squats

Explosive squats with sandbag

In this case, hugging the sandbag as if it were a heavy pillow, we perform a deep squat and, in the lowest position with an explosive movement, we take a jump, taking our feet off the ground.

Sandbag Burpees

Burpees and Clean with sandbag

The “hated” burpees can be even worse if we add a sandbag to add ballast to the movement. In this case, instead of ending with a jump and pat on the head we end with a clean. Additionally we could do a shoulder press, but it is not necessary.

Sandbag Leg Raises

Sandbag leg raises

Work your entire core and arms by performing leg raises while holding the sandbag with your hands stretched over your head. As in previous exercises, it is a good way to increase the difficulty of this exercise.

Sandbag Lunges

Sandbag lunges

The strides can be made without any problem using a sandbag. We can place the sandbag, as in the gif, on the front of the body or support it behind the neck as if it were a bar.

Good Morning Sandbag Workout

Good morning with sandbag workout 

Work your lower back with this simple exercise that we normally do with a bar. It is important, as always, to keep your back straight in a neutral position avoiding unnecessary bends.

Sandbag Workout Hip Lift

hip lift

Work your glutes and the back of your leg with hip lifts. Another option would be to support your back on a bench and hip thrust with the sandbag. Without a doubt, with sandbags of 30 kilos and more, it can be a great glute exercise.

Deadlift Sumo High Pull Sandbag Workout

Deadlift sumo high pull

Work your traps and legs with a pull to the neck and a sumo-style deadlift. This exercise also seems ideal to put in a Tabata-type training since it works a large part of the body and we can do it explosively.

Sandbag Workout Shoulder Press

shoulder press

Work your shoulders with a sandbag by performing a one or both arm military press. In this case, in the gif, practically the full force of the movement is done with one arm and the other is used as a stabilizer, but it is possible to press with both arms as we would with a conventional barbell.