Rethinking Body Weight

Being overweight may not always rule your health but it is always better to be trimmed and fit by reducing your body weight. Your body weight depends on several factors including your basic body constitution, a genetic trait, food habits, and daily activities. A sedentary lifestyle may make you overweight whereas an active outdoor routine followed daily may help you keep a fit body with reduced weight. Obesity, however, should be a cause of concern for our health as it can cause a number of health-related issues. 

Is Being Overweight Unhealthy?

You should know that it is always advisable to keep a trimmed body but being overweight may not always be a sign of unhealthiness. However, body overweight may create some physical and health-related complications. 

You should note that the obesity and an overweight body can create the following issues that you should always avoid:

  1. Obesity is the cause of many health issues, some of them may turn serious over the years. 
  2. Body overweight and obesity can cause:
  • Diabetes 
  • High blood pressure 
  • Dementia 
  • Cancer, in some cases.

Facts To Rethink About Fatness

If you are seriously thinking of remaining fit bodily, you are thinking in the right direction. There are some important facts that you must know about your health, particularly concerning your body weight. We are listing them below for your knowledge:

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1. Weight Is Not a Reliable Indicator Of Health

Doctors usually say eight may not be a reliable indicator of health but it is always wise to shed your extra body weight to remain agile and fit. The studies conducted by the University of Minnesota revealed that there is no direct or defined evidence to show that there is a relationship between body weight and general health conditions. You should note that there is no guarantee that you can avoid several diseases by reducing your body weight. The study concluded that you may not be able to gain the following by reducing extra pounds of your body:

  • Blood pressure
  • Cholesterol level
  • Blood glucose
  • Triglycerides
  • Diabetes  

Note: Despite the fact that there is no direct proof that an overweight body can help you prevent a host of diseases, it is always better to remain trim and fit. 

2. Calories In And Calories Out Isn’t The Whole Story About Weight

This is right. Intake of calories and keeping calories off may not rule the weight pattern of your body. Your body gains weight due to several factors besides intake of calories or avoiding them. The following factors are always associated with the tendency of your body to gain weight:

  • Genes or genetic code
  • Ethnicity
  • Medicines you take
  • Your lifestyle pattern
  • Your daily sleep-chart
  • Your food habit

The above makes it clear that calories may not always guide your body to gain weight. Thus, avoiding calories is not a solution to prevent the body from gaining weight. 

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3. You Can Be Both Overweight And Fit

It is a wrong notion that being overweight prevents you from being fit. The fact remains that you can be fit yet overweight. You would find a woman with comparatively large body weight can run much faster than a woman with a slim body. Here, the myth that you cannot be fit with a large body or being overweight collapses.  

4. Losing Weight May Not Always Imply Improved Health

It should be noted by you that losing body weight does not mean you are enjoying good health. The researches reveal that even after losing weight, some persons failed to reduce their blood pressure, the level of glucose in the body, and the incidence of diabetes. It is thus a myth that by losing your body weight you are improving your health. 

5. A Healthy Diet Is Better Than a Weight Loss Diet

Your diet pattern holds the key to your good health. Nutritious food strengthens your body’s metabolism. It is always advisable that you avoid consuming a weight-losing diet as it may not be able to supply the minerals, proteins, and vitamins needed to sustain your body. You may suffer from the side effects of resorting to a diet meant to control your body weight. Just leave the body in its natural condition and eat nutritious food. 

6. It Is Possible To Be Too Thin

This should not be advised to you. Keeping a body too thin may enhance some health risks. A woman having a Body Mass Index of below 23 (i.e. less than about 130 pounds for a 5’ 3” height) may have a higher mortality rate than a woman with a heavier body. It is not bad to be trim but being too think is a major problem. 

7. Focus More On Healthy Behaviours Than Numbers On The Scale

It should be noted by you that healthy body activities including that little walking, little physical exercise, and a balanced diet happen to be more important than the weight of the body. Hence, your attention should be more on following a healthy pattern of life than being over-conscious about being overweight. 

8. Many Healthcare Professionals Are Severely Biased

This is a major point that you must keep in mind. Contrary to the general notion kept by the people and medical and healthcare practitioners, your body weight neither governs your health conditions nor does it rule your longevity. 

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How To Lose Weight Without Gaining It Back?

It may be possible if you follow certain health-related rules given below:

  1. Consume nutritional food preferably leafy vegetables and fruits.
  2. Avoid fatty foods.  
  3. Do regular physical exercise and make it a daily habit. 
  4. Avoid stress and strain. 
  5. Allow your body to grab a sufficient quantum of night’s sleep. 


Several parameters and factors are associated with the negative and positive aspects of body weight. Claims and counterclaims are also made about body weight. But a healthy lifestyle based on regular consumption of nutritious food and daily physical exercise can keep you fit and fine even if you are a little overweight.