Derma Rollers

A large number of people use the Derma Rollers to solve their various skin problems. It is scientific equipment fitted with a cylindrical head having tiny needles attached to it. A Derma Roller is rolled on the skin or the gadget that you roll on your skin to create very minute punctures on the layer of the skin to stimulate the Collagen. It is also used as a beard roller to allow the beard to grow. This scientific equipment with tiny needles is growingly used by those men who aim to sport their manhood or virility. Some fashion-conscious men also use it for beard growth.   

What Are Derma Rollers? 

A Derma Roller can be termed or understood as a beard roller to allow more beards to grow. It is also known as the Micro-Needling Device creates very small pores on the skin for beard growth. Rolling this device stimulates the growth of a beard.    

How Do Derma Rollers Work? 

A Derma Roller stimulates the Collagen thus helping the beard to grow. The needles of this scientific device puncture your facial skin to enhance the production of Collagen.  

Collagen production is the key to healthy and sufficient beard growth through the technique of micro-needling.  

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Can Derma Rollers Help Beard Growth 

Yes, it can! The micro-needling in the scalp helps the beard to grow. Beard growth depends upon the generation of Collagen which contains amino acids which follicle cells use to produce Keratin Proteins. It is the Keratin Proteins that help in the growth of beard.  

Collagen with amino acids is produced by hair follicle cells along with keratin proteins that help in the growth of the hair.

Blood Flow And Beard Growth 

The Derma Roller can promote blood flow thus helping the beard to grow in sufficient quantum. Massaging the facial skin with this device promotes the flow of blood for over 10-minutes after the massaging is done. This improves the widening of blood vessels known scientifically as Vasodilation.  

How To Use a Beard Roller For Best Results 

There is a recommended way of using or application of Derma Roller. You should follow certain steps for it. Following are these steps that should be followed to get the best or desired result:

  1. In this device, the size of the needle is very important. You should use a needle of 0.25 mm for frequent use but should prefer a needle of 0.5 mm for once-a-week treatment (i.e. face massage). 
  2. Wash your face properly before using this device. 
  3. Always wash the equipment before and after use. You can also sanitize the needles and the gadget with alcohol. 
  4. Don’t push or put much pressure as your facial skin may suffer damage. For the best result, move it gently. 
  5. Move the equipment in a rotary motion: back and forth. The movement of the equipment should be balanced or all over the face where the beards grow. 

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How To Choose a Derma Roller For Beard?

In a Derma Roller, you should look for the following things: 

  1. Needles should range in sizes from 0.5 mm to 0.75 mm for the best result. Such needles are usually considered helpful for the production of Collagen. 
  2. The needle of the size 0.25 mm may work but its penetration depth is low and thus may generate Collagen at a slow pace. However, it can be used. This needle is good for increasing blood flow and Micro-circulation of blood. 
  3. Your equipment should contain a metal-crafted handle with a rubber-resist system.  

These are some of the points that you should keep in your mind while choosing a Derma Roller.  

Other Beard Growth Tips 

There are some other ways also that may help you to grow a beard. They are: 

  1. Do physical exercise regularly to increase the circulation of blood in your face and body. 
  2. Regular consumption of leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grain flour, and intake of iron and zinc may help you grow your beard naturally. 
  3. A good sleep, at least for 7-hours, may help grow a beard naturally.  

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The Derma Rollers hold the key to sufficient growth of beard on your face. Its efficacy as a beard grower has been proven by the latest research by doctors and dermatologists. Hence, this device can be used by those who aspire to have a thick crop of beard on their face. It may be noted here that some persons consider a thick crop grown evenly on the face as a sign of fashion or virility (manhood). Hence, they like to sport a good beard. Subsequently, a large number of fashion-conscious men use this instrument.    

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions About Derma Rollers) 

1. Which Derma Roller Size Is Best For Beard Growth? 

Answer: The Dermarollers are available in different needle sizes. These needle sizes depend on your purposes. If you want sufficient growth for a beard, you should use the needle of the sizes ranging from 0.5 mm to 0.75 mm. The needle size of 0.25 mm may also be used but it may not be able to generate or produce sufficient Collagen that you may require for sufficient growth of a beard. The reason for this is that the penetration depth of 0.25 mm usually is low on the skin. Naturally, it fails to generate sufficient Collagen that you may require to grow more beards or even if it generates Collagen, it will do so at a slow pace. 

2. How Often Should You Use a Derma Roller On Your Beard? 

Answer: It should not be done daily. Once or twice a week will suffice. On regular or daily use, you may develop some complications. Hence, the best way is to use it once or twice a week to get the best results. 

3. Can I Use Beard Oil After Dermarolling?

Answer: It is always advisable to use plain Hyaluronic Acid serum to hydrate and soften your facial skin after the use of Dermarolling. Oil may not be a good option. Some minor side effects of oil may be caused to the skin. Therefore, it is always advisable that you should not use the oil.  

4. Do Beard Rollers Hurt? 

Answer: Initially, it may hurt your skin but on regular use, you get used to it. You should know that the instrument fitted with tiny needles enters inside your skin. Hence, it is quite natural that you may feel little pain. But it should not bother you as you will soon get used to such minor pains after a few weeks of regular use of it. After you have Dermarolled your facial skin, don’t ever rub it. In doing so, you may feel pain.