Nightfall also called a wet dream, is basically, a state of sudden ejaculation of fluid from one’s genital. Primarily, it happens for a couple of reasons; Dreaming about erotic stuff and staying away from sexual activities for a long time. However, it may occur even during our routine lives too–without any such dreams or thoughts in mind.

Some youth does ask what is nightfall in girl? Relax, it’s nothing serious. When girls face such a situation, then it is known as nightfall in girls. Girls, do sometimes ejaculate involuntary from their vaginas while they are asleep.

However, nightfall in men is more common, and every guy experiences the same in his life. Once he has ejaculated, the person may wake up soon with wet clothes.

Thus, nightfall meaning is mired in myths and urban legends. It is not something to worry about. But, we still need to know the truth.

How Does Nightfall Occur?

It occurs when we are asleep. So, even if your erogenous zone is at rest, it may still occur. Erotic thoughts and sexual imagination are often attributed as the primary reasons for nightfall. The frequency of nocturnal emission is more frequent in young adults than a child or one who has crossed 30!

However, people of all age-groups may still feel it.

How to Stop Nightfall Permanently?

Nightfall is a natural and healthy thing. It’s very common and has no harmful impact on our health. But, the situation may turn tricky, if you experience it a lot of times over a short period. An experienced and well-qualified sexologist can help you out. Frequent discharge of semen can make us tired, physically weak, and irritated.

Some people indulge in excessive masturbation, which creates wild fantasies in their minds. Once they go to sleep, they start dreaming erotic stuff leading to seminal discharge from the penis.

So, gaining control over one’s erotic thoughts, wild fantasy, and porn habits can help a person in reducing the occurrence of nocturnal emission in his life. 

When in doubt, always consult a well-reputed sexologist to get prescribed medication for the same. But, mostly, nightfall treatment is not needed. It gets cured on its own without any medicine.

How Many Times Nightfall in a Month Is Normal?

Nightfall is a normal phenomenon that requires no further care or scrutiny. As far as its frequency is concerned, it varies from person to person. Generally speaking, experiencing wet dreams a couple of times in a week is quite normal.

Only when have been experiencing it at an average of ten times per month for the last two to three months in a row, then it seriously requires some lifestyle change.

As usually, out of intense fear, people may start questioning if nightfall is good or bad in such cases. But, there’s no need to worry. Just change your lifestyle a bit by avoiding non-vegetarian food and limiting the intake of spicy, chilly, and deep-fried stuff.

Drink a glass of milk in the morning and eat healthy food to overcome such issues. Also, indulge in exercise and yoga daily for at least half an hour to stay fit and fine, physically and mentally.

Does nightfall affect brain?

No. If you are experiencing it naturally, then there’s nothing to worry about. However, if you experience it after watching a lot of porn videos, then it requires some self-checks.

Usually, when you watch a lot of porn movies, then slowly-slowly you get addicted to it. And soon, whatever you do, the erotic thoughts and wild imagination come to your mind, almost suddenly. It keeps on playing at the back of your head and subconscious mind.

Eventually, it affects your mind during sleep. And your erotic encounter in a dream ends with an involuntary ejaculation of semen. So, it doesn’t impact your brain directly, but it keeps your brain largely-occupied with porn-related stuff, which can distract you from your studies and office work.

What are the side effects of nightfall?

Scientifically speaking, there are no side effects of nightfall. There is no evidence whatsoever to suggest any link between a nocturnal emission and health-related ailments.

In some people, however, excessive nightfall can lead to dizziness, penile pain, and insomnia. Anyway, as long as you are not porn-addicted, it won’t affect you much.

Disadvantages of Nightfall

As long as scientific evidence doesn’t come out with a concrete list of disadvantages of nightfall, we can’t assume it unhealthy or bad-–it’s natural.

If you experience it involuntarily–even when you are not watching porn or erotic clips, then it’s out of your control. It will heal on its own.

Advantages of Nightfall

Apart from fulfilling your sexual imagination, and unnatural orgasm, nightfall doesn’t serve any purpose. It has no benefits and no demerits either. It’s just a natural phenomenon that occurs. Whether it occurs or doesn’t occur, you shouldn’t worry about it.

Nightfall has no link to your sexual health, masculinity, or body. Just as we see day after a night, similarly, many men, and women too, can feel it. It doesn’t require too much attention at all.

The Conclusion

Last but not least, we should not be wary or ashamed about talking on nightfall or other sexual myths surrounding us. That’s our major dilemma. We are going to new places, travelling across the moon, sending satellites over to sky, but we, simply avoid discussing sex and its related stuff.

So, sex education is important to all of us. 

Can you believe it? So many guys and girls are quite stressed just because they masturbate! It’s a normal self-pleasing exercise. Within a limit, masturbation is alright. Similarly, many youths feel that wet dream is related to their sexual health, but it’s not. Nocturnal emission is a natural biological process that many people experience in their young age.

As long as it is not affecting your daily activity, it requires no scrutiny or medical intervention. However, if you are too worried about it, then talk to a good sexologist.