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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon
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Can Dogs Eat Watermelon?

Watermelon is one of our favorite fruits during the summer because of its high water content. If we are tempted to give it to our pet, we first have to know if dogs can eat watermelon. Doubts always arise when we talk about feeding dogs, especially taking into account the tendency to give them food …

Muscle Mass

Proteins to Gain Muscle Mass

While it is true that we need all three macro nutrients to live and perform all vital functions, as well as a caloric surplus to gain muscle mass, protein is practically the macro nutrient that most conditions changes in body composition, that is, gain or lose muscle mass or fat. Although the range of foods …

Health Is Wealth

What Is Meant By Health Is Wealth?

Every one of us wrote an essay on ‘health is wealth’ at least once in our childhood. Analysing its true meaning and underlying connotation has become all the more important due to this coronavirus pandemic all around.  Good health is not an isolated term. It indicates a stage of life when one stays physically fit …


What Is Nightfall? Is Nightfall Good or Bad?

Nightfall also called a wet dream, is basically, a state of sudden ejaculation of fluid from one’s genital. Primarily, it happens for a couple of reasons; Dreaming about erotic stuff and staying away from sexual activities for a long time. However, it may occur even during our routine lives too–without any such dreams or thoughts …